About pain management – Chinese medicine view

60 to 80% of patients who visit a primary health practitioner have some forms of pain. 

Pain is a common yet complex symptom, and can affect one’s life profoundly. Pain sufferers often feel irritable, have low energy and insomnia, and can suffer from functional impairment.  People who have chronic pain, their main two symptoms are tiredness and sleep problems and there are other symptoms including diarrhoea, constipation and dizziness. The severity of these symptoms increase as the number of pain sites increases.

In Chinese medicine, we believe pain and the suffering should be understood and managed as a whole, and a combination of various therapies often achieves better therapeutic results than one particular therapy does.

When a patient comes to see us at Geelong Chinese Medicine Clinic for pain relief, we don’t just try to reduce their pain. For us it is very important for us to understand how well the patient sleeps, and how well they function, what their diet, their lifestyle and their mental status are like. So it is a very holistic review of looking at what pain is and the impact on their body.

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